Why I'm Running

Let’s keep this simple.
We have some big things that need to be built. And we have some big challenges to overcome. That’s why I’m running for mayor – to build on the good work of the current mayor and council.
I’ve done it before. Clearing roadblocks for the construction of Raven’s Keep Transition Housing and Acropolis Manor. Building a Canada-wide campaign that attracted tens of millions into the building of Northland Cruise Terminal and Fairview Container Terminal. I’ve learned many lessons since those days. I’m better equipped than ever.

Every council needs to ensure that decision-making is fair, transparent and puts people first. City services must be delivered efficiently. Taxpayers must be protected from runaway spending. Political power must be deployed to build up services like healthcare and childcare.
I’ll do those things.

Architects Planning a House

Housing Renewal

To meet the needs of all our people from cradle to grave.

Infrastructure Upgrades

Roads, sewers, sidewalks, and water.


New Sources of Revenue

Provincial, federal and industry contributions, plus growing Watson Island revenues.

Planning a New Recreation Complex

A modern accessible complex that serves us all better and builds community.

Playing Basketball

2030 Plan

Boosting livability with a thriving, energized core.