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Energy, Enthusiasm and Experience 

My Story

I'm inspired by leadership that works for people... all people. My working background is in logging, airlines, cultural tourism, First Nations administration, and industrial project development. I know how to get things done in the corporate world, but boosting Prince Rupert is my enduring passion. Long before I got involved politically, I volunteered... a lot. Auctioneering at fundraisers, emceeing countless community events, and serving on multiple community boards. Today I'm board chair of Cedar Village (Seniors) Housing Society, North Coast Social Issues Society, and Prince Rupert Fellowship. I'm a director for Coast Mountain College Foundation.  

Nothing shaped me more than raising four children in this wonderful but remote community. After being elected to Council, I followed with two terms as mayor. In the toughest economy in our history,  we cared for people. We cleared roadblocks for the construction of Acropolis Manor and Ravens Keep Transition House. We helped raise record amounts for the Salvation Army food bank and soup kitchen. We envisioned a brighter future then created it. We secured tens of millions in funding for the Fairview Container Terminal and the Northland Cruise Terminal.   Today's opportunities excite me even more. It would be an honour to serve you again as mayor! 

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